Independent brand


CRIUS is a skin care brand focusing on the deep repair of skin in Asia (especially in China). All products comply with the concept of "green, plant, natural and beautiful" skin care and extract many kinds of plant essence. In strict accordance with the requirements of ISO22716 and the GMPC quality system of the United States, the production management system is based on the excellent PMC operation mode and the on-site 6S management mode, and uses modern production technology to extract many kinds of plant essence. The products are filed by the State Food and Drug Administration for the record. They are pure plant essence products, R brand names.。


Zhongcao Gengzhi Biological Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Guangdong wannoda group, uses modern biological extraction technology to deeply extract traditional Chinese herbal medicine and is applied to cosmetics. Nakaya Koji cosmetics mask products, which do not add flavor, pigment and preservative, have been listed for sale. With its excellent sense of experience and practical improvement of skin problems, it has been highly recognized and strongly recommended by consumers, and has won an excellent market reputation. Blue and white porcelain design of product packaging for the beauty and cosmetics industry to bring a fresh wind.


Eface, originated from Swiss medical biotechnology International Group, develops new products based on the formula of bybisky skin care research center in Germany, and is applied in beauty salons and professional skin care and beauty spa.


Colorful magic color -- natural flower extract, ecological skin care, return to the natural state. By means of modern cutting-edge science and technology, through thousands of deployment and experiments. Make the plant essence reach the best absorption ratio and state of the skin, so as to achieve the most effective, safest, most nourishing and comfortable feeling of product quality. According to the skin physiological characteristics of Asian people, more accurate skin physiological state. Make China's best mask brand suitable for skin characteristics, and meticulous to every link, so that consumers can truly find themselves more beautiful by using our mask.


9 years, 9 kinds of herbs, 9 processes, 9 party deep care, and Yan Yan's makeup are scientifically prepared, and nearly 300 clinical trials are finally available for medicinal herbs and flower skin care treasures.


Sifair is a brand-new brand launched by Shenzhen Fandao Trading Co., Ltd. in 2013. We are mainly involved in beauty and skin care e-commerce. In 2002, sisefier scientific research center was established. Based on the formula from bybisky skin care research center in Germany, new products were developed and applied in beauty salons and professional skin care and beauty spa.