Company profile


Wontodoor is a large-scale cosmetics group company integrating raw material trade, biotechnology and cosmetics R & D, manufacturing and brand sales. The group takes "creating beautiful natural beauty" as its corporate vision. To pursue outstanding development, to build vanoda into a first-class enterprise with domestic competitiveness, and to achieve the  pursuit beyond profit is a new force with unique style and extraordinary potential in China's cosmetics industry.  

Wontodoor invested more than 300 million yuan in Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan and other places to build a botanical garden of traditional Chinese medicine. The production base in Guangzhou covers an area of 50300 square meters, and has advanced production lines such as skin care products, toiletries, cosmetics, perfume and other advanced production lines. The production varieties cover all the needs in the industry, and its production scale and sales volume rank in the forefront of Asia.

Wontodoor belongs to the functional skin care products OEM head enterprise. It focuses on cosmetics research and development, and produces OEM. It has advanced R & D & testing equipment, medical grade GMPC standard workshop, 100 thousand level purification workshop, 15 automatic production lines, and has obtained EU ISO22716 and American GMPC certification. It has 60 million production capacity of monthly output mask and 15 million skin care products. The raw materials we use are imported from abroad, without any antibiotics to ensure health and safety; the vacuum emulsification workshop with non-contact aseptic operation is adopted, and the production conditions of the products meet the national production standards. From raw materials to production, from packaging to testing, every link, every detail, has been incorporated into the strict 6S quality control system, which is standardized and strictly controlled at all levels to ensure the quality and safety of products.

Wontodoor has 30 patents, 3200 mature formulas and 100 million user experience data. Taking "green, plant, natural and beautiful" as the product development concept, through strategic cooperation with leading enterprises and research institutions in the industry, and long-term cooperation and technical exchanges with well-known scientific research institutions at home and abroad, we have innovated and launched a variety of high-quality and mature skin care product formulations to fully meet the various needs of the market, and carefully develop high-standard products in the field of health and beauty.