Research and development of cosmetics


wontodoor group has two R & D centers: Yueyang Gujin Pharmaceutical Research Institute and Guangzhou Keyan pharmaceutical makeup R & D center.

Yueyang Institute of ancient and modern medicine


The predecessor of Yueyang ancient and modern medicine research institute is Yueyang Hailian Chinese herbal medicine research institute. It is a scientific research institution with legal personality approved by the Municipal Science and Technology Commission in 1992, mainly engaged in the research of Chinese herbal medicine and difficult and miscellaneous diseases. Over the past decade, it has successively completed 8 national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects, and obtained 5 invention patents, including 2 patents listed in the national plan.

Guangzhou Keyan Cosmeceutics research and Development Center


Guangzhou Keyan's R & D center of cosmeceutical biotechnology is the first registered pharmaceutical R & D center in China, formerly known as the new technology R & D Department of Swiss medical concubine。


Guangzhou Keyan's cosmeceutical research and development center has one doctoral supervisor, two doctoral students, four master's degree, three bachelor's degrees and several junior college students. Compared with the traditional emulsification process, the paste particle size reaches 50nm, which is 1% of the ordinary paste. The permeability of active ingredients is increased by 8 times and the efficacy is increased by 3 times. At present, there are 3200 kinds of mature product formula, and new formula can be developed and customized according to customers' needs at any time. At the same time, it has more than 30 kinds of special-purpose cosmetics approval documents issued by the State Food and drug administration, such as freckle removal, whitening, milk beauty, fitness, sun protection, hair removal, deodorization, etc.